MATEK CRSF-PWM-V10 Crossfire to PWM Converter W/ Variometer


MATEK CRSF-PWM-V10 Crossfire to PWM Converter W/ Variometer


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CRSF-PWM Converter with Variometer, CRSF-PWM-V10

ELRS and Crossfire have quickly become the most popular link systems choice for many pilots, and we are excited to bring Matek’s lineup of these receiver converters.
You know it’s quality when it’s Matek!

Check out our ExpressLRS Collection, TBS Crossfire Collection all our Receivers and the rest of our Matek products!


  • Compatible with CRSF protocol receiver only
  • Support any CRSF protocol receivers (including 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz)
  • 10x PWM outputs
  • PWM frequency configurable (50Hz default, 100,160,330, 400Hz)
  • 2x UARTs (for Receiver and GPS)
  • Telemetry ID: RxBt, Curr, Capa, Bat%, GPS, GSpd, Hdg, Alt, Sats, Vspd, Baro Alt (Start with EdgeTX 2.7.1/OpenTX 2.3.15 and ExpressLRS 2.5)
  • 36V Max. battery voltage sense (1K:10K voltage divider built-in)
  • Compatible with external Current sensor (0~3.3V)
  • Vbat and Current sensor scale configurable
  • Failsafe value configurable
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • 5V LDO (300mA) integrated for GPS and external Receiver. 
  • Rated voltage: 4~9V @BEC pad, 0~36V @Vbat, 0~3.3V @Curr
  • No regulator built-in for servos, Servos must be powered via BEC pad by external 5-9V source.
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 16mm, 1.8g

Package Includes:

  • 1x MATEK CRSF-PWM-V10 Crossfire to PWM Converter W/ Variometer
  • Dupont 2.54 pins

Wiring Diagram:

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