Namimno ELRS 915 Voyager TX+3 RX


Namimno ELRS 915 Voyager TX+3 RX


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Voyager TX is based on the open-sourced EXPRESS LRS project, the hardware has been optimized for many times The hardware has been optimized and designed for real-world environments, and it adopts the popular Lora SX1276 radio frequency chip with excellent performance. The Express LRS firmware allows for low latency and high refresh rates, suitable for long distance operations and FPV racing. The entire transmitter module is built within a JR-style module. Equipped with customized heat sinks and fans, excellent heat dissipation performance ensures the stability of the transmitter module during flight.

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  • Brand: NamimnoRC
  • Model: VOYAGER_TX
  • Wireless frequency: 868-915MHz
  • Transmitting power: <30dBm
  • Remote control distance: >3000m
  • Remote control refresh rate: 25Hz-250Hz
  • RF interface: SMA-outer screw inner hole (adapted antenna inner screw inner pin)
  • Power supply: internal power supply: 6-13V, external power supply 6-16V
  • Size: 64*52*40mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Namimno ELRS ELRS 915 Voyager TX+3 RX


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