ORT Moxon V3 915MHz RC Antenna – Crossfire & FRsky


ORT Moxon V3 915MHz RC Antenna – Crossfire & FRsky


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This is the upgraded PCB version of ORT MOX 915MHz long range antenna, Great improvement over the stock crossfire antenna.

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  • Type : 900/915MHz Moxon Antenna
  • Connector : SMA(TBS) & RPSMA(FrSky) 
  • Gain/Directivity : ~5dBi (Real) 
  • Bandwidth : 860MHz~930MHz 
  • Beamwidth : 360° in close area or about 180 degree once 50% range achieved 
  • Effective installation : Vertical Polarization for long range(or matched it with rx antenna Polarization)
  • Stronger, more directional signal yet still in a compact size.
  • 5dBi gain to fly comfortably with wide beamwidth coverage on a long-range quad or even fixed wing
  • Higher quality flexy cable (RG402)
  • Easy to install & remove without any bracket needed


      • 1x O.R.T. Moxon V3 915MHz RC Antenna

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