PachRay Frame Kit 3 Inch


PachRay Frame Kit 3 Inch


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The PachRay isn’t just another 3 inch frame, its a system of carefully chosen and tested components that work together seamlessly to provide FPV pilots with the absolute best flying experience possible.

From hard core freestyle to relaxed medium range cinematic cruising, the PachRay delivers the performance that FPV pilots crave with carefully tuned flight dynamics that give pilots the confidence they need to push their limits while rivalling the best 5 inch freestyle quads in terms of that hard to come by sense of organic feel and fine control.

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Design Features: 

At first glance the PachRay might look a lot like other quads on the market. Look a bit closer though and you’ll see that every single part of the design serves a purpose. The thick X-style carbon fiber bottom plate provides strength and durability while its rigidity allows for a smoother and more accurate flying quad. The canopy is 3D printed at an angle, which allows each layer in the print to contribute maximum strength to protect your electronics in the event of a crash. The canopy is also multi functional by design. It carries and protects a nano sized FPV camera while providing optimally placed, rigid mounting points for video transmitter and crossfire antennas as well as providing crucial strain relief for the XT30 connector.

Pachray understand that many pilots enjoy capturing their experiences on video, so the canopy offers a solid mounting point for a variety of HD cameras along with an integrated socket to power your naked GoPro’s.

The distinctive ‘wings’ on each side of the canopy which give the Pachray its name provide protection for the flight control board and electronics inside while also providing important cooling for your electronics so they can perform optimally, giving you the best video signal and control range possible without thermal shutdown or RF noise issues.

A build guide can be found at the following LINK.


  • Unibody carbon true X main plate = 3mm Carbon Fiber
  • Perfect CG balance in all axis with HD cam on top
  • 3S printed Nylon canopy with integrated FPV camera mount, RX and VTX mounts and NK GoPro power socket mount.
  • Rear standoff with integrated crucial strain relief for the XT30 connector wires
  • FC Silicone Dampeners
  • Dry Frame Weight = 32g
  • Motor bolt pattern = 12x12mm
  • SUB 250g with lipo and NK GoPro

Package Includes:

  • Carbon plate
  • Canopy
  • Screws set
  • RX antenna tubes
  • Battery Pad
  • Battery strap 180x15mm
  • XT30 connector
  • 16AWG Wire
  • Capacitor 35V
  • Capacitor PCB


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