PandaRC VT5807 4in1 5.8GHz 25-600mW VTX – MMCX


PandaRC VT5807 4in1 5.8GHz 25-600mW VTX – MMCX


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This is the latest VTX offering from PandaRC tailored specifically towards pilots who like using individual speed controllers.
It is a 4in1 board that Feaures a 25-600mW VTX , Buzzer , Led Controller and PDB

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Input: 6-26V (2S-6S)
Continuous Current: 4*50A
BEC Output: 5V/500mA
Channels: 40CH A/B/E/F/R
Output Power: 0mW(Pit)/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW/600mW
Antenna Connector: MMCX
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Video input Resistance: 75 Ohm
Power Consumption: 3.5W@600mW
Smart Audio: IRC Tramp protocol
Buzzer: Built in 85db Buzzer
Size: 45*42*5mm (Mounting pattern 30.5*30.5mm)

Package Includes:
1 x PandaRC VT5807 4in1 5.8GHz 25-600mW VTX – MMCX
4 x LED0539
1 x 5.8G MMCX Linear Antenna
1 x 12pin 100mm Cable
1 x 3pin 100mm Cable
1 x 100mm 14AWG Silicone Cable with XT60 Connector
1 x Rubycon 470uF 35V Capacitor

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