[PRE-ORDER] AxisFlying Air Force Pro Cinewhoop – Analog


[PRE-ORDER] AxisFlying Air Force Pro Cinewhoop – Analog

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The AxisFlying Air Force Pro Cinewhoop is the Ultimate 2.5″ Shooting Solution, fly’s like a 5″! Perfect for indoor filming with high power and low noise, it is agile and highly maneuverable and it can easily carry full GoPros though various obstacles.  it can even do freestyle with a full gopro! 

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  • Drone Size: 178*154*52MM
  • Motor: Axisflying AF144-4510KV
  • Wheelbase: 125mm
  • FC: Mateksys F722-mini SE
  • Props: Gemfan D63-3
  • Camera: Runcam Nano 2
  • VTX: 600mW
  • Weight: 258g (incl. GoPro mount)

Carbon thickness:

  • Top and bottom: 2mm
  • Middle: 3mm

Recommended Battery:

  • 4S 850mah-1000mah

Package Includes:

  • 1 x AxisFlying Air Force Pro Cinewhoop – Analog

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