TBS Tango 2 – Nostalgia Shell (Transparent) for New Screen Design


TBS Tango 2 – Nostalgia Shell (Transparent) for New Screen Design


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The Tango 2 transparent shell, leave it as it is or paint it and let your creativity flow.

*If you have the Tango 2 with the old screen design, you can purchase the Nastalgia shell for you at the following LINK.

**Antenna sold separately.

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Tango With The New Screen Design

  • Due to the pandemic, we are no longer able to source the same screen we used since launch. Luckily, we found a replacement, however it requires us to modify the case a little to accommodate the new electronics. 
  • If you wish to purchase the plastic parts for the newer hardware, please pick [TANGO 2 NOSTALGIA SHELL (NEW SCREEN)] under product customization.
  • If you are not sure which version you got, please compare it with the image below.

 How To

For customizing purpose (paint job, hydro-dip, etc.), we left the led diffuser, speakers and buttons uninstalled. 


  • Put it in place through the plastic pins.
  • With your soldering iron, melt the pins down to hold the buttons down. 


  • The speak unit on your existing case is held on with glue
  • Carefully cut into the glue along the wall of the speaker unit with an exacto knife
  • Pull out the speaker and rub off the leftover glue 
  • You can install the speaker to the new case with [SILICONE ADHESIVE]



  • 1 x Top Shell
  • 1 x Bottom Shell
  • 2 x Momentary switch Buttons
  • 1 x [Exit Menu Page] Buttons
  • 1 x LED Diffuser  
  • 2 x Case Tags

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