RekonFPV Rekon 4 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit


RekonFPV Rekon 4 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit


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 The rekon 4 is a fantastic 4″ build platform. With the capability to use DJI through a Caddx Vista unit, as well as multiple stack sizes for mounting, it is an incredibly versatile build.

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  • *Support(20×20-25.5×25.5mm)mounting holes;
  • *Supports AIO/stack installating at the same time, ultra-light and lasts super long in flying.


  • Material:3K Carbon Fiber
  • Type:4″ frame
  • Wheelbase:180mm
  • size:180*140mm
  • Top plate thickness:1.5mm 
  • Bottom plate thickness:1.5mm
  • Middle plate thickness:1.5mm
  • Arm thickness:4mm
  • Space of top and middle plate:20mm
  • Installation holes:20x20mm/25.5×25.5 mm
  • Support camera:19*19mm
  • Weight:52.2g 


  • 1x RekonFPV Rekon 4 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

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