Shendrones Siccario w/ Silicone Dampers Frame Kit


Shendrones Siccario w/ Silicone Dampers Frame Kit


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Developed with Gab707, Siccario is the ultimate Cinelifter, a 405mm X8 designed to optimize weight distribution for ideal flight characteristics. It has upswept 10mm arms that put the line of thrust right through the heaviest part of the drone, the camera. Body plates are 3mm. The base frame includes the body plates, arms, dampers, and motor mounts. Dampers are either homemade silicone or Alpha Gel.

UPDATE 12/26/22: The frame now comes with Aluminum FPV camera mount.


This frame kit does not include the mounting hardware for your filming camera. The Universal Camera Mounting Kit is available HERE. All mount kits include a clean plate, vertical stanchions, and all camera mounting hardware.

3D printed parts include antenna mounts, landing nubbins, and Immortal T mounts. Base frame package contains no printed parts, you can print your own hereAnd don’t forget to pick up some Pyroflex TPU available in 20 dazzling colors!

The arm braces are printed with PLA and add rigidity to the arms, especially for bigger motors.

To assemble a complete kit you’ll need a base frame with either damper option, a camera mount kit, and 3d printed parts if you can’t print your own.

Read more about Siccario here. Build tips are here.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Shendrones Siccario w/ Silicone Dampers

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