Speedybee F7 V3 Flight Controller – 30x30mm


Speedybee F7 V3 Flight Controller – 30x30mm


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Introducing the Speedybee F7 V3 flight controller. Now supporting up to 8 motor outputs, 33% faster wireless functionality, connectors for VTX, camera, receiver, GPS, and LED’s. It also has onboard LED’s to see your battery state of charge and a massive 500MB of onboard flash memory for blackbox logging! And of course it works with the SpeedyBee app which allows you to change any setting whether your running Betaflight, INAV, or Emuflight. Pick up yours today!

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SpeedyBee F7V3 Specifications:

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Speedybee F7 V3 Flight Controller – 30x30mm

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