Ummagawd Acrobrat 3″ HD FPV Frame


Ummagawd Acrobrat 3″ HD FPV Frame


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“A balance of size, budget, and fun-factor, that encourages anyone to create awesome HD FPV videos, without risking expensive equipment, breaking laws, or scaring spectators.” – Tommy

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Check out for a full story of the how and why the Acrobrat was designed.

This is THE frame that jump started the Micro HD/low cost HD craze.


Design Goals:

  1. A well designed 3” quad that feels and flies like a 5”
  2. Uses the runcam split mini (or caddx Turtle), that mitigates the jello issues that these HD cams can be prone to.
  3. All in a package that is fairly durable and not intimidating for the pilot or spectators


  • Unibody Main plate = 3mm bi-axial Toray Carbon Fiber
  • Side plates (w/adjustable FPV cam placement) = 2mm bi-axial Toray Carbon Fiber
  • Battery plate (w/optional top mount FC holes) = 1.5mm bi-axial Toray Carbon Fiber
  • Hardware = Stainless Steel
  • Frame Dampeners = Custom Poly-urethane
  • Motor to Motor (diagonal) = 163mm
  • Motor to Motor (front to back/side to side) = 115mm
  • Overall Frame size = 141x141mm
  • Frame height = 55.5mm
  • Dry Frame Weight = 54g
  • Motor bolt pattern = 12x12mm
  • Motor c-clip hole = 6mm

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